9th Annual International Student Film Festival 2021 Opavský páv

Opavský páv is an International Student Film Festival in Opava.

Opavský páv is a project of Institute of Movie, Television and Broadcast Creation at the Faculty of Philosophy and Science in Opava.

Festival is a nonprofit, entrance to all screenings is free.


1) Festival is scheduled to be held  11–13/10/2022 in Opava.

2) Films must be max. 30 minutes long, produced by students from high schools or any other higher education institutions.

3) Competition categories:
• Documentary movie (max 30 min.)
• Animated movie
• Music video
• Feature film (short within 8 minutes long)
• Feature film
• Experimental film (max 10 min.)
• Educational film / film popularizing science and technology (max 30 min.)

4) The film must be shooted in 2020, 2021 or 2022.

6) Registration is online via the application on the festival website (wetransfer, myairbridge, vimeo,  etc.):

5) Festival decides whether to include the film in festival’s playlist.

6)The Expert Jury will award the best films of each category and the Main Prize of the festival.

7) The Expert Jury will award the best films of each category and the main prize of the festival. Our audience may vote after each projection for their favourite film – in the special Audience Award.

If you have any questions, you may write us: